Chunky Monkey - Stuck in the 60's for Life


Having been friends for more than 30 years Jim Pauley and Tom Malouf were an acoustic duo called "Two of Us". They performed at various venues in the area singing Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, and other songs where harmony was the main ingredient.

In October of 2000, Tom and a few friends started having fun with, what else, but the music of the 60's. After realizing that he and Bob Rubach (Chunky Monkey's drummer and owner of the coolest collection of 60's songs around) are nearly identical in their favorite songs from that era, they began jamming just for fun. Tom Hull, the groups bass player and the electronic and technical genius of the group joined in for a few sessions, and things began to gel. After several years of performing as a trio, Jim rejoined with Tom and the group in 2009.

With the addition of Tom's son Tommy (keyboard, mandolin and vocalist) the band has added yet another dimension. Young Tom's crisp vocals brought Chunky Monkey to new "highs" along with his early mastery of multiple instruments.

The show "Stuck In the 60's for Life" is named after one of Tom's original tunes, which he admits pretty much describes him musically.  The show is a great time, and can be seen at "fests", concert series, block parties, and class reunions all over the area.   For upcoming events watch this site.

For bookings e-mail Tom or click Here.

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